Isaac Rucksack

PT. Nugraha Suci Indoretail
Category  :  Bag & Purse
Brand Name  :  Imagery Bags

Isaac Rucksack: Robust Design.

Introducing one of the best seller products for Imagery Bags - Isaac Rucksack. A backpack / backpack with a minimalist design with features a top front pocket and a lower front pocket.

Backpacks that are designed by emphasizing a large enough capacity factor are also inspired by the strenuous daily activities of accompanying between commutes to work and being able to be your travel companion on weekends.
Isaac Rucksack is made of polyester canvas which has been treated with nano-technology in the form of Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) so that it is resistant to splashing water in light intensity.

With the 25L dimension that is suitable for daily activities, whether for college, work or to hang out with friends.

Using a double mesh layer material on the shoulders and back to add comfort.