Lite Sherman Tote Bag

PT. Nugraha Suci Indoretail
Category  :  Bag & Purse
Brand Name  :  Imagery Bags

Switch Easy

Lite Sherman Tote Bag is a bag that suits you busy doing various activities from one activity to another. Equipped with the Easy Switch feature - it can change the style of a bag from a tote bag to a backpack, just by attaching a strap that is equipped with a YKK buckle.

Lite Sherman Tote Bag is designed in a modern design style, with a medium capacity (16L) suitable for daily activities. Not too big, but quite effective and slim when used.

Lite Sherman Tote Bag is a tote bag in the Lite series. As the name implies, Lite has a lighter meaning. Lite series bags are indeed made using Nylon twill material which has a relatively lighter material character compared to canvas or polyfilament, but still has good endurance.