Smith Tote Bag

PT. Nugraha Suci Indoretail
Category  :  Bag & Purse
Brand Name  :  Imagery Bags

Proficient Series has been designed for the active professional. It takes you seamlessly from your active commute to the office and everywhere in between. Perfect for your short business trip.

Combined classic design and modern style, the bags is designed with minimalistic form and simple design with clean organized spaces using durable materials. This collection will sustain the hustle and grind in and out the office.

The classic tote bag, completely reimagined to protect, organize, and provide lightning-fast access to your everyday carry (think work, gym, traveling, etc). Seamless 2-in-1 bag, from tote bag to backpack, with 3 different carry style: as a tote bag, as a briefcase and as a backpack.