Category  :  Fruits
Brand Name  : 

Latin Name : Sandoricum koetjape
HS Code : 0810.90.94

Lute fruit is a type of fruit that is almost the same as the mangosteen fruit, only the color is different. This fruit is yellowish in color with a slightly darker appearance. It is small and round and has a large seed size. Lute is a fruit with a sweet taste and a slightly sour taste. This one fruit is also often processed into jam or sweets and even as perfume.

The benefits of this fruit:
The content of vitamins B and C in lute fruit is an antioxidant that functions to fight free radicals that cause inflammation and cancer. Lute is believed to be able to cure various diseases due to bacterial infections because it contains antibacterial compounds that can inhibit the growth of Micrococus luteus and Eschericia coli bacteria, which contain flavonoids, saponins, and polyphenols in them that can block bacteria, lute fruit is rich in fiber and has a low glycemic index. can be used as a companion to a healthy diet, as well as food that is safe for diabetics.