Category  :  Fruits
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Latin Name : Pometia pinnata
HS Code : 0810.90.99

This fruit has a chewy texture and has a clear color like rambutan, longan or lychee. The taste of Matoa fruit is also almost the same as longan, rambutan or lychee. Although matoa is not as popular as longan, this fruit has a myriad of benefits for body health and beauty. This fruit can be eaten directly or processed into a refreshing drink. Matoa fruit is one of the original Indonesian fruits which is often found in Papua.

Benefits of Matoa Fruit:
An excellent source of antioxidants, immune boosters, fighting viral and bacterial infections, nutrients in Matoa fruit such as vitamins C and E, minerals, and tannins are very good for body health, Vitamin E and C in Matoa fruit are also able to prevent coronary heart disease and plays a role in preventing degeneration of cells and improving blood vessel function.