PT. Triton Nusantara Tangguh

Address : Jl. Tugu Raya No.4, Tugu, Kec. Cimanggis, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16451
Company Email : nusagroidn@gmail.com
Phone : (021) 21387185
Website : www.nusagro.com
Contact Person : Mochamad Reza
Contact Email : nusagroidn@gmail.com
Contact Phone : +6281573116980

Nusagro was founded in 2017 which is engaged in a global supply chain, especially agricultural products, fishery products, and live animals. Over the years it has dedicated to providing overseas customers and colleagues with high-level products and services. Together with a good strategic outlook and sound management policies, the company maintains a solid reputation in the areas of global supply chain as well as international freight.

Our business focus is in International trade and domestic trade which includes export, import, inter-island, local trade, distribution and procurement of agricultural products and their derivative products; forestry products and derivative products; plantation products and derivative products; fishery products and derivative products; trade services; and live animal. Carry out production / build processing units to provide added value to goods that support the trade.

Nusagro continues to improve the company's performance towards the creation of a mutually beneficial business ecosystem and contributes to the improvement of the welfare of the community and other stakeholders. Initially, Nusagro had 60 customers until 2020 it had more than 100 customers. That is the main reason Nusagro continues to develop dynamically from year to year. 

Through the escalation of the company's paradigm in the new era of the global trade industry, Nusagro is continuously creating a business ecosystem as a whole by taking into account common interests ranging from supply sources (upstream), value added processes (production and processing), and aggressively opening distribution networks (downstream) to both markets. domestic and abroad for the improvement of Market Share.