Borneo Chic

Address : Jalan Kemang Timur Raya No 4A, Kelurahan Bangka, Jakarta Selatan 12730"
Company Email : info@borneochic.com
Phone : +62217183240
Website : https://borneochic.com/
Contact Person : Borneo Chic
Contact Email : info@borneochic.com
Contact Phone : +62217183240

Borneo Chic started as an initiative of 5 Indonesian non-government organizations (NGOs) that joined together to form Crafts Kalimantan in 2008. Crafts Kalimantan is a network of indigenous artisans of Kalimantan and their NGO support groups. Seeing the potential of organized, expanded work at the ground level, it came together to conduct training activities with Dayak artisans in the effort to build a sustained movement to promote authentic indigenous crafts and sustainable livelihoods in Kalimantan. At that time, interest in certain Dayak crafts was dwindling and other professions were drawing artisans away from their home and their traditions.

Borneo Chic was then established as the marketing arm of Crafts Kalimantan in the belief that continued and increased sales of traditional craft would revive the Dayak weaving traditions across the island. Borneo Chic sought to elevate traditional craft from Borneo, presenting important aspects of Indonesian heritage and nature to the urban sector. Thus Borneo Chic emerged as a collection of modern hand bags merging elements of indigenous weaving traditions with contemporary designs. Borneo Chic launched its shop in Kemang in 2011 and since then carries products in 6 stores around the country.