Indonesia and the Philippines have committed to continue to work together and building good relations between countries, for the sake of the continuation of trade and investment activities between the two countries. The two countries also agreed to expand market access for Indonesian and Philippine export products.

Indonesia through the Trade Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Manila embodies the main vision to increase trade and export value from Indonesia to the Philippines through the Indonesia Produkto website initiative. This website will function as a digital directory of Indonesian companies and digital catalog of authentic Indonesian products with export quality that are ready to enter and compete in the international market.

In the current economic era, trade between countries is a very crucial thing to improve the economy between countries and spur the quality of domestic industrial output in order to compete with the global market. Furthermore, most of products made in Indonesia have a very good quality and are ready to compete with products from other countries. Those products also have an enormous economic value and potential.

Indonesia Produkto website is a digital solution to connect the demands in the Philippine market for Indonesian products.